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Q. What does ChemPak do?
A. We develop proprietary chemical handling solutions for major chemical & industrial companies worldwide. We also custom package hazardous chemicals for a diverse group of chemical users. Our custom packaging division specializes in two primary areas:

Chemical Encapsulation - Enclosing precisely pre-weighed amounts of specialty chemicals or additives specified by each customer into soluble bags, dissolvable cups or any other customer specified packaging.

Chemical Dispersion- Dissolving hazardous chemicals into liquid carriers making them easier and safer to productively handle, store and transport. Products are typically available in drums, pails and jugs.

Q. Does ChemPak focus on a specific industry?
A. More than 25 years ago, our company was founded as a specialty soluble packager to the polyester resin and molding industries. While we still dominate these markets, we have expanded our technologies into other industries that use hazardous chemical additives.

Q. How does ChemPak overcome the dangers of handling hazardous chemicals?
A. Our employees are well protected from health risks of toxic, corrosive, carcinogenic, or otherwise hazardous chemicals. They wear comprehensive personal protection equipment (PPE) affectionately known as "spacesuits". This equipment includes full body protective gear with self contained, powered air-purifying systems. Every chemical handler attends rigorous & continuous hazardous chemical handling training under HM-126F & OSHA 29 CFR guidelines. It is simply too costly for a company to take this level of precaution in a manufacturing environment while striving to maximize productivity. ChemPak’s scale and scope allow it to gain higher efficiencies and lower costs than our customers could achieve in the production manufacturing environment. This is efficient and safety promoting outsourcing by our customers.

Q. Does ChemPak market its products internationally?
A. We currently provide chemical handling solutions to companies in North & South America, Europe, Asia & Australia. Our global presence gives us access to chemicals for import and export worldwide.

Q. Why do companies rely on ChemPak for their chemical handling needs?
A. Our customers repeatedly cite five advantages for using our products.
  • Reducing Exposure of Harmful Chemicals to their Workforce- Working with hazardous chemical additives is dangerous. Weighing the proper amount of these chemicals to high tolerances is time consuming and prolongs exposure for chemical handlers, posing significant and ongoing risks to their health. Both production managers and EH&S personnel want to reduce these risks and give their employees a safer working environment.

  • Improving Productivity- Precisely pre-weighed soluble packages or dispersions greatly enhance productivity. By eliminating distracting and time consuming weigh-ups, workers can focus their concentration on production goals. Our packages also reduce the wasted time and cost of batch adjustments, minimize part rework and down stream supply bottlenecks, lead to higher quality products and maximize profits.

  • Avoiding Chemical Spills- Bulk chemical handling of heavy drums or totes is difficult and prone to accidents. ChemPak’s pre-weighed smaller individual packages nearly eliminate the risk of any spill while guaranteeing that any possible spill will be limited to a single package, not a drum. A spill can be dangerous, cause a plant shutdown and/or be expensive to clean up. The legal issues associated with a hazardous spill can be long lasting and costly while tarnishing a company’s reputation for years.

  • Maximize Consistency and Reduce Additive Use- Precisely pre-weighed additives improve process control and eliminate inconsistencies that often require greater additive usage and additional processing time. With each bag we package, we adhere to a strict double check-weigh system virtually eliminating the chance of a mis-weighed additive. By using our products, each batch is ready on time with a high degree of repeatable accuracy.

  • Eliminating Contaminated Containers- Landfill costs for contaminated containers continue to escalate and disposal is ecologically unsound. With our chemical handling solutions, companies can avoid these unnecessary expenses and promote responsible, environmentally friendly policies too.
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Q. How does ChemPak ensure product quality?
A. Handling hazardous chemicals requires a high degree of care and attention by skilled workers. To demonstrate this quality and the level of care our employees achieve, we formalized our policies and procedures into a registered ISO 9001:2015 quality system. We are registered and annually audited by SAI Global, one of the nation’s leading accreditation agencies.

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