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ChemPak’s people are trained and efficient at handling and repackaging hazardous materials into batch specific, custom developed, precision measured packages. Our customers avoid the expense of training and equipment for intermittent measuring and handling of these materials and the potential inaccuracies involved. Our customer’s employees can simply select the appropriate batch specific package containing the required material for inclusion or addition to a formulation.

Examples of Hazardous or Dangerous Materials packaged or formulated by ChemPak International

  Description Examples ChemPak has packaged or formulated
Hazardous Material Packaging Toxic [6] Power Bloc 15 and 20% solutions
Para benzoquinone powder
1,4 Naphthoquinone powder
Organic oxidizers Organic Oxidizers [5.2]

Benzoperoxide powder (50%)
Various catalyst pastes prepared by

Poison packaging Miscellaneous [9] Dangerous Hydroquinone powder
Power Bloc 5% solution
Power Bloc 10% solution
Flammable Liqiud chemical handling solutions Flammable liquid [3] Proprietary and/or customer formulations with styrene & methanol
Corrosive Chemical Handling Solutions Corrosive [8] Tertiary Butyl Catechol
Lithium Hydroxide

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