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ChemPak has a wide variety of packaging capabilities and options for our customers. These range from simple repackaging into smaller containers to proprietary soluble films for inclusion packaging. ChemPak’s capabilities and expertise includes dry, paste and liquid materials, including preparation and packaging of proprietary and customer formulations. Package sizes range from a few grams to drums of various sizes.

Inclusion Packaging

Inclusion packaging means that the package and the chemical(s) it contains are put into the customer’s production batch with the package dissolving into the product being produced. Inclusion packaging can be water or solvent soluble in addition to films that melt at various temperatures. Soluble cups can also be provided for pastes. Our solvent soluble bags utilize a proprietary film formulated exclusively for ChemPak.

Anti-Static Bags

If your manufacturing process will not allow inclusion packaging and there may be danger of flammability or explosion due to static discharge while pouring material into your reactors, then ChemPak can provide Anti-Static bags to mitigate this risk.

Liquids or Pastes: Drums, Pails, Jugs, Bottles, Cans, Cups or Tubes

ChemPak can package liquid or paste materials in almost any form of container, including plastic, glass and metal in various materials, closures and coatings as needed by the application. For example: Amber bottles for light sensitive material or epoxy-phenolic lined steel drums for some solvents

Dry Materials – Drums, Pails, Boxes, Bags or Cans

Dry materials repackaged into bags are generally shipped in the original 25 or 50 kg fiber drums, eliminating waste and providing a safe and secure secondary container for the bags. Operators then simply take the bags out of the fiber drums at the time of use. Additional options are possible depending on customer requirements.

DOT Regulations

Many of the materials packaged, formulated or repackaged by ChemPak have specific US DOT shipping requirements based on the DOT hazard classification and quantity of the material being shipped. ChemPak has over 25 years of experience in this regard and you may rest assured that ChemPak will package, label and document your shipment properly for all DOT requirements to ensure the safety of all concerned. ChemPak also subscribes to the CHEMTREC Emergency Response Service as required by US DOT to provide 24/7 Emergency Response availability.

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